The Erasmus Project

The erasmus project is an open source collection of public domain material that has been formatted for easy use and manipulation in conjunction with software. Although this is a sister project to the erasmus Bible app, they are separate efforts. This material is made available free to anyone who wishes to use it for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. Community collaboration, in terms of new materials, and corrections and refinements, is welcome. The Erasmus Project has the final say on any changes made to these files.

Updates and new materials are constantly being added to the project over time and you should check back periodically to see what is available.

No requirements are made of the software using this material. We try to include at lot of useful information, but it is provided for use at the user's discretion.

Despite our best efforts, some errors may be present. No warranty as to the reliability of the material is made. Its use is entirely at the risk of the user.

Click here to see general information on how to format text for inclusion in the Erasmus Project.

Click here to see details of text markup for Erasmus Project file.

Click here to access the library of erasmus documents.